It's all about the ride…

Bikes rock. It’s that simple, really. If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance you already know that. Welcome to the club. Making inspiring images that capture the joy of riding bikes is what I do.

Bikes have been in my blood for over 20 years. I can remember the birth of clipless pedals in mountain biking – and the giant leap from 6 to 7 gears. Photographically, I cut my teeth on manual focus and film. And I’ve been shooting bikes professionally since 1996. You could say I’ve been around the block a couple of times.


I know what it feels like to descend an Alpine pass faster than the cars. I’ve experienced the buzz of clearing a rocky climb for the first time. I’ve served my time on the daily commute, dodging taxis and buses. I’ve sold bikes, fixed bikes, raced them, coveted them.

I’ve been there, done that, bought the T shirt and demoted it to oily rag duty.

More importantly, I’ve used all that time in the saddle to capture the essence of what’s great about bikes for editorial and commercial clients in the UK and across the world. From Borneo to California and Slovenia to British Columbia, my goal is always to come back with fresh, inspirational photography. A different point of view, if you like.

Because great images sell. And selling bikes – and the experience that comes from riding them – is what I help my clients do, every day.

What they say...

I need to ensure that when I commission a cover or feature I get it nailed, first time, whatever the weather. Seb is always top of the queue for the job as he has proven year on year that he has the passion, commitment and drive to continually deliver the goods. He's a work horse - and doesn't stop shooting until he is sure he has the job done, and done well.

– James Backwell, Art Editor, MBUK

Few photographers can match Seb's combination of visual flair and total reliability.

– Mike Davis, Oolite Media Ltd

Seb is undoubtedly one of the foremost mountain biking photographers working today. A passionate and dedicated creative professional, his enthusiasm to produce images of the highest standard leads him to go the extra mile, to seek out fresh compositions, and to push the boundaries. These qualities combined with his positive working attitude ensure that Seb continues to be our photographer of choice for any and all major assignments.

– Matt Skinner, Editor, What Mountain Bike